Tooth Repair

Dental emergency patients most often need repair work right away. We will repair that tooth in no time so you can make it to that important meeting with confidence! No one will ever know it was damaged in the first place.

Cold Sore Treatment

A better solution that may drastically shorten the lifespan of the cold sore is dental laser performed by your local dentist. Not only is it less expensive than the prescription drug, the tingling goes away very rapidly.

Deep Teeth Cleaning

If you brush and floss at least 2 times per day, then you are way above average in taking care of your smile. People are largely unaware of that invisible enemy called “plaque” and “tartar” which can appear even with twice a day brushing.

Sleep Dentistry

Conscious sedation is the answer for anyone who is afraid of the dentist. An oral sedative is taken to relax you and create a comfortable appointment during your procedure.

Preventative Dentistry

Throughout the years the proven method of keeping a cavity free beautiful smile is by brushing and flossing at least twice a day....

Headache Pain And TMJ Dysfunction

If you are prone to migraines or regular headaches, 200th Street Dental can provide a possible solution to help using stabilization splints. The splints can be a successful remedy for headache sufferers. They are also used to solve tooth wear, pains in the jaw muscles, and for covering mouth surfaces during healing. A stabilization splint is custom fitted and so is more comfortable than a […]


Oral Surgical Procedures Surgery is often required when a tooth is too badly damaged for any hope of repair and it needs to be extracted. Another case for removing a tooth is when it causes an overcrowding of teeth. And sometimes tooth removal is necessary due to an extreme periodontal condition, or a badly cracked […]

Cosmetic Enhancements

Custom Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments: Bonding Resins Resin fillings matching the shades of your teeth are used to mask discolorations and gaps in teeth. The resin is cured by an ultraviolet light and a buffing tool shapes and polishes the resin over the tooth to restore a natural appearance. Bonding is very fast and low cost and can be […]

Childrens Dentistry

Kids & Visits to the Dentist   After many years of experience working with kids we recommend that they come to see the dentist from 2 yrs old and on. Your child will see the dentist as a fun visit rather than a scary one as they see themselves being fussed over and only examined. He or she […]

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