Sleep Dentistry

Conscious Sedation Oral Method (most recommended)

Conscious sedation can be achieved orally using an oral sedative consumed prior to your appointment. This will cause you to be very relaxed in the waiting room. Laughing gas otherwise known as Nitrous oxide may be used to assist the oral sedative to produce the desired sedation. You will get the sensation of feeling comfortable during the process and a close watch is kept on your vital signs in order to make changes if needed.

Most people need oral sedation and if you feel you require more, we will work closely with you to make sure you obtain the best level of care and consideration to with a specialist to have your needs met with Intravenous or General Anesthetic for your treatment.

Conscious Intravenous Sedation (Not offered here at 200th Street)

Conscious IV sedation takes place by injecting a strong sedative directly into the bloodstream using an IV which creates a calm relaxed feeling during the procedure. It is normal to not remember what happened during the process after the session is over. During sedation a “twilight” condition exists in your mind not producing unconsciousness but still keeping you in a state where you can respond to suggestions and questions.   You will be able to speak so as to let the dentist know if you are feeling pain. You will be able to move your head to one side if the dentist asks you to and at the same time be completely relaxed throughout the procedure. If you choose this method of sedation, a ride home will have to be arranged for you afterwards. You will also need to perform only light activities for the next 24 hours in which time the anesthetic will be completely eliminated from your body.

    Using General Anesthetics (Not offered here at 200th Street)

    Some people are afraid to the point of being terrified of any dental procedure. If this is how you feel or if a large amount of dental work has to be performed at any one time—we are able to offer  “sleep dentistry” using general anesthesia.

    Your first appointment will be an interview with you to go over all 3 methods in order to make an informed choice in the type of sedation dentistry you would like.