Kids & Visits to the Dentist

After many years of experience working with kids we recommend that they come to see the dentist from 2 yrs old and on. Your child will see the dentist as a fun visit rather than a scary one as they see themselves being fussed over and only examined. He or she can gradually get used to being at the dentist and it gives the dentist an opportunity to advise parents on how to get their kids to take care of their teeth early in life.

The dentist will know if they have been brushing their teeth and will let the child know.  This makes your child more likely to pay attention to their oral health so they can show the dentist when they come in for a visit. Your child’s teeth are thoroughly checked for anomalies. The dentist will praise them highly if they have done a good job to encourage continuing good habits. If a baby tooth has a cavity and is scheduled to fall out in a short period of time no unnecessary work will be performed on it.