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Dr Leos-Marquez

I have been practicing dentistry for more than twenty five years.  My original education was in Mexico City where I received certifications in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in addition to my degree in General Dentistry.  I pride myself in being a highly ethical, compassionate, gentle dentist, committed to a lifetime of learning.

My experience is in all aspects of dentistry including: Dental Sedation, Cosmetic Dentistry, EndodonticsDentofacial Orthopedics, Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Surgery, C&B, Invisalign I and II, Six Month Smiles , Crowns for implants, are the most important procedures in my practice.

My hobby is enjoying my family and visiting some Caribbean beaches.


  • More than twenty five years of experience
  • Responsible and accountable for the operation of clinical and surgical dental services
  • Treatment planning, development, evaluation, decision making, interpersonal skills



Oral Surgery for the GP
Calgary, AB

Six Month Smile
Fast Orthodontics
Seattle, WA

North Vancouver, BC  2017
Surrey, BC 2014
Seattle, WA 2009
Vancouver, BC Study Club 2001

Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry
San Francisco, CA

Dental Implant Course
Langley, BC

Oral Sedation Dentistry
San Diego, CA

Invisalign I and II
Vancouver, BC 2010 and 2011

Orthopedic and Orthodontic Therapy
Gainesville, TX 2008
Portland, OR 2001

Certified Dental Surgeon

Dental Surgeon   Army and Air Force
1978-1982  University of Mexico

Dr Shymaa Hashem

I live in Burnaby and practice in Langley

My training:
Mainly Egypt, Cairo university
In Canada Pacific  Oral Health

Why was I drawn to dentistry:
A dental pain at the age of  nine years inspired me to become a dentist.  Being a dentist relieves pain and improves everyone’s smiles. This gives me great satisfaction and is one of the most noblest professions I could be a part of.

My last trip: NY/ USA

The most exotic place I’ve traveled: Beloved Egypt

The best souvenir I’ve brought back from a trip: Ancient Egyptian paintings

A favorite place that I would return to: Niagara Falls ,Canada

My ultimate dream vacation: Florida Keys

My first job:  Intern Dentist at Cairo University, Egypt

My favorite room at home: Living Room

My car: Jeep Patriot

My favorite exercise/sports activity: Walking and Table Tennis

My secret to relaxing and relieving tension: Contemplation

I’m happiest when: I draw a smile on people’s faces

If I wasn’t a dentist I ‘d be: A DENTIST

Member of BCDA
Member of Canadian Dental association
Member of Egyptian Dentists Syndicate
Member of Egyptian Endodontist Association

Clinical instructor in NEXDEN Education centre for international trained dentists
North Sinai’s Mayer Award for talented students
Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University Award for talented students for five academic years
Cairo University award for High school talented students
Residency program Award, Endodontic department at Cairo university
Attended many domestic and international workshops and conferences.
Professional Education Courses, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University
American Dental Board Certificate


Bachelor of Dental Medicine and Surgery, 2006

Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University
National Dental Board Exam of USA, 2009

Endodontic Residency program, 2009

Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University
Master of Dental Science, Endodontics, 2011

Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University
National Dental Examination Board of Canada,2015

Dr. Pierre Vigneault

Dr. Pierre Vigneault, as a General Dentist, was a pioneer in the health concern of mercury toxicity. His office has been mercury-free since 1983.

As a member of DOCS (Doctor of Conscious Sedation), Pierre studied in the States to open a window of opportunity to provide a safe, relaxed experience to patients who can correct years of embarrassing problems in one visit, with one pill.  He makes every effort that this same level of care is trained in all the staff and every patient can experience kind, caring treatment.

Credentials and Memberships:

  • Canadian Dental Association
  • College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia
  • Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
  • Internet Dental Alliance
  • Member of The Esthetic Society Team Since 1992
  • Ordre des dentistes du Québec
  • American Equilibration Society: Leaders in Occlusion and TMD

From Dr. Vigneault:

I am proud to serve patients in our community. Through continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment, my staff and I are able to offer the high level of care you would want in your family dental clinic . It makes my day when I can greet my patients with a warm welcome and ask them for their latest joke.   That is my commitment to a fun anxiety free office.

Dr Vigneault’s visit to Costa Rica included a visit to an animal sanctuary where he befriended a sloth.  Known for their slow behavior, the sloth’s fur could be green from moss growing on their back.

We know Dr Vigneault is a calm guy but he made this sloth even calmer.

Very huggable, this little guy clings on like he was attached to a tree. #costarica #sloth #animalphotography