Headache Pain And TMJ Dysfunction

If you are prone to migraines or regular headaches, 200th Street Dental can provide a possible solution to help using stabilization splints. The splints can be a successful remedy for headache sufferers. They are also used to solve tooth wear, pains in the jaw muscles, and for covering mouth surfaces during healing. A stabilization splint is custom fitted and so is more comfortable than a regular biteguard. Stabilization splints are useful for:

  • Stopping or slowing teeth grinding and helping with unusual contractions of muscles with an almost 70% rate of success.
  • Not causing a gag reflex resulting in wearing them more often to get the benefits.
  • Eliminating the need for drugs so there are fewer side effects.
  • Avoiding having to repair teeth caused by jaw clenching and teeth grinding during sleep.

Stabilization splints could stop your headache worries. Call us to see if they can help you.

TMJ Dysfunction:

Do you have migraines, locked jaw, clicking when you open your mouth, hard time biting on an apple, pain in your jaw?? Splints can help with this too.

We have solutions. Call for a consult for TMJ Dysfunction